Our mission is to inspire a high level of gastronomy.

We create an application for all gastronomes, people with refined taste who are knowledgeable in the craft and art of food as well as food preparation. The aim of the application is to inspire you for next meal, or to feel like at home in cities you’ve never been before.

The application was created in 2018 by a team of ambitious people who want to change the world for better. TrySpicy.com is a novelty in offering applications on the world market in the field of gastronomy. It is a free social network that allows users to create profiles and upload images with comments on facilities, and a web application adapted for using via a mobile phone.

TrySpicy.com is a crowd-sourced gastronomist social network through which visitors can be informed about the catering features in a food-offering facility, or a specific restaurant, a city or a state, or to find the necessary conditions for specific food, ambience or location. Restaurants from the gastronomic aspect will have an opportunity to present their qualities and to attract the potential clients. TrySpicy.com is a great opportunity for catering facilities (restaurants, pubs, pastry shops, playgrounds, bakeries, fast food, catering, etc.) to become our partners / associates. TrySpicy.com is designed to improve and facilitate the real experience promotion process in relation to conditions defined with the customers.